9ru Optimum Anti-Aging Treatment 9ru Optimum Anti-Aging Treatment

Aging can be treated.

It is a systemic rejuvenation treatment that applies the anti-aging theory published in the world's best research institute. Based on the achievements that Well Medical Group has been involved in the most latest anti-aging treatments for many years, this is a special treatment that is more upgraded and it is highly satisfying treatments.


  • Plasma apheresis

    It is a treatment that circulates blood extracorporeally for approx.3 hours at a time and a special filter removes the factors associated with aging (chemokines, inflammation-related factors, advanced glycation end products, oxidized LDL) which exist in senile plasma. It is expected to be effective for inflammation, allergies, autoimmune diseases, hyperlipidemia, arteriosclerosis etc. as well as preventing cerebrovascular disorders, cardiovascular disorders and aging. Before and after the procedure, it appears that not only the cholesterol level, inflammation-related factor level, excessive autoimmune level are improved but the body becomes lighter, the eyes become brighter, allergic symptoms are improved, and the physical strength is rejuvenated. Many people feel that their overall physical condition has improved.
    《Research presentation suggesting the expected rejuvenation effect of plasma apheresis》 2019 Stanford University discovered the presence of more than 1000 aging-related factors in the blood. 2020 University of California An aging rejuvenation effect was obtained by substituting albumin for aging plasma in the blood. It was suggested that the removal of factors associated with aging in the blood could be expected to have a epoch-making effect for delaying aging.

  • Nano-PDS-High concentration NMN inhalation

    Rejuvenation ingredient NMN is gaining attention from all around the world. NMN is converted to NAD + in the body and activates the sirtuin that is associated with rejuvenation. The presentation of the rejuvenating effect in mouse experiments by a research team at the University of Washington was sensational. Their studies have suggested that NMN works efficiently by acting on the hypothalamus of the basal ganglia. Absorption treatment in the nasal mucosa is performed to deliver NMN to the hypothalamus efficiently. There are reports of improving memory and cardiopulmonary function as well as various other rejuvenating experiences. The Nano-PDS system developed by a Japanese bio-venture is used for the absorption technology.

  • Hydrogun
    High concentration hydrogen
    Topical injection therapy without using needles

    It is a unique treatment that partially and intensively exerts the action of hydrogen which activates the circulation of locally ghosted capillaries and lymph. A micro jet beam of hydrogen emitted from a special hand without a needle allows hydrogen to be injected subcutaneously to a depth of 3 to 4 mm without using a needle. It releases fascia for skin condition on the face with a regressed complexion, stiff shoulders and muscle contractures.
    It is a treatment that allows you to experience a new and immediate sensation.

  • Human-derived high-purity stem cell culture supernatant

    Umbilical cord derived
    Umbilical cord blood-derived
    Dental pulp-derived

    The supernatant containing various types of growth factors released into the culture medium when culturing stem cells collected from the human body is called the human stem cell culture supernatant, and it is replenished in the body. Because the growth factors that are lost with age can be replenished in a well-balanced manner therefore, rejuvenation and repair effects on damaged tissues are attracting attention. Improvements in skin quality, skin texture, pain in joints, diabetic symptoms and allergic symptoms have been reported.

    9ru's stem cell culture supernatant is not only derived from common raw material but use rare preparations derived from human amniotic membrane, umbilical cord, umbilical cord blood, placenta and pulp which are rich in effective growth factors.

  • Activated NK cell infusion therapy

    The presence of immortalized aging cells in the blood is a major cause of aging. Which release aging factors and lead adjacent cells to aging one after another. These cells sometimes cause cancer. NK cells (natural killer cells) are innate immunity and work to remove and excrete these senescent cells. By activating NK cells, it helps to remove senescent cells and prevent all infectious diseases and cancer. Blood is collected, NK cells are removed, a large amount of NK cells are cultured, and the cells are returned to the body in an activated state.