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This treatment is recommended for the following individuals.
  • Those who are worried about spots, wrinkles, and sagging
  • Those who are worried about thinning hair
  • Those who feel tired
  • Those who want to take care of aging with their whole body
What is "Exosome"

Exosomes (also known as extracellular vesicles or EVs) are small, membrane-bound particles with a diameter of 50-150 nanometers that are secreted by cells. They contain lipids and proteins derived from the cell membrane on their surface, and carry cellular contents such as nucleic acids (such as microRNAs, messenger RNAs, and DNA) and proteins inside.

Exosome therapy in cosmetic treatments is believed to promote skin rejuvenation and a beautiful complexion by activating cells.

New possibilities of "Exosome Therapy"

Exosomes have a function of supporting various skin cell functions related to beauty, such as promoting skin turnover, skin regeneration, and improving wrinkles, skin inflammation, and dryness.

In addition, it is possible to apply exosomes directly to the skin or to promote skin regeneration by applying exosomes after performing derma-pen treatment (a treatment that creates small holes with a needle).

Furthermore, by combining and administering exosomes throughout the body, it is now possible to achieve full- body anti-aging care.

Our commitment

1.Freeze-drying process to maintain freshness
The serum is freeze-dried as it is, allowing it to maintain its 100% quality without any deterioration.

2.Domestic manufacturing
Our products are manufactured and managed domestically, ensuring both high quality and safety through domestic customs.

3.A variety of exosomes
We use six types of exosomes, including dental pulp and amniotic membrane cells collected from healthy young Japanese donors (tested).

Effects of "Exosome Therapy"
  • Fatigue recovery
  • Prevention of lifestyle diseases
  • Hair growth promotion
  • Whole-body anti-aging care
Frequenlty asked questions
  • What is the difference between "exosomes" and "stem cell culture fluid"?
  • Since "exosomes" are substances secreted from cells, they are also secreted from "stem cells". However, stem cells or stem cell culture medium also contain ingredients other than exosomes. Therefore, for those who want to incorporate exosomes, we recommend treatments that focus mainly on exosomes.
  • What kind of effects can be expected from exosome therapy at CLINIC 9ru?
  • As many people know, not only can wrinkles and sagging be improved, but there are also various effects to be expected in different situations, such as hair growth and regrowth, fatigue recovery, and immune regulation for allergic diseases. We believe that there are unique effects that can only be proposed by CLINIC 9ru, which can support both beauty and health.
  • What kind of exosome therapy is available at CLINIC 9ru?
  • We offer treatments such as direct injections into the skin, treatments combined with derma pens, and introduce physician-supervised self-care products. Please feel free to discuss any concerns you have about specific areas during your consultation.
Flow of Treatment
  • step 1
    STEP 1
    We will administer a subcutaneous injection in the abdominal area and the procedure will be completed.
    While an intravenous drip is faster in distributing the medication throughout the body, it can also lead to quicker excretion through the kidneys. Therefore, at our clinic, we administer the medication through a subcutaneous injection with slower absorption rate. The injection will be given in the abdominal area where there is plenty of subcutaneous fat that contains abundant stem cells.