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Old blood promotes aging.

Double Filtration Plasmapheresis


Cleansing of bad cholesterol and other substances in the blood using a special device

This is a cutting-edge treatment that involves removing the blood from the body through a mechanism similar to that of hemodialysis, filtering it through a special device to remove pathogenic substances such as bad cholesterol, triglycerides, inflammatory substances, and pathological permeability factors, and returning the purified blood back into the body. It is believed to be a groundbreaking approach to improving health, preventing vascular diseases, and preventing pathological aging, and is currently receiving attention from around the world.

Direct injection to the brain: World's first therapy.

NMN Inhalation Therapy


The activation of the sirtuin (longevity) gene rejuvenates the body

NMN is a substance that naturally exists in the human body and is believed to slow down the aging process and activate the central nervous system (i.e., rejuvenation) when consumed. The advantage of this therapy is that by transforming NMN into mist and inhaling it through the nose, the effective ingredient can be quickly and directly delivered to the hypothalamus.

Upload Youngcell's condition data to cells.

Exosome Therapy


Cellular anti-aging: Possible full-body rejuvenation and alleviation of lower back pain

Cultured stem cells, classified as mesenchymal stem cells such as dental pulp, umbilical cord, bone marrow, and adipose tissues, are extracted and treated for sterilization and other various processes to obtain a liquid (supernatant) called "cultured stem cell supernatant." This liquid contains a large amount of exosomes. By administering the supernatant containing exosomes into the body, it may assist in the recovery of damaged tissues and cells.

Elimination of Aging Cells and Aging Factors.

NK Cell Therapy


Attacks and detects aging cells quickly - high efficacy expected even for cancer patients

NK (Natural Killer) cells are grown and activated outside of the body, then reintroduced to the body, leading to high therapeutic efficacy. Patients at various stages, from those in the early stages to those with recurrence and metastasis, have visited our clinic for treatment. Since the NK cells themselves are cultivated from the patient's own blood, the treatment is gentle and safe for the body.

Detoxifying aging substances in capillaries that are beginning to move.

Hydrogun Shot


Injection of "Ultra" High-Concentration Hydrogen to Directly Remove Aging Substances in the Blood

This treatment involves injecting high-concentration hydrogen at a pressure of 2 atmospheres onto the skin surface and allowing it to permeate to a depth of about 3mm. By directly penetrating the peripheral blood vessels, the treatment is expected to produce the effects of hydrogen, such as "removal of reactive oxygen species" and "improvement of blood flow". Hydrogen instantly reaches not only the skin surface but also up to 3mm below the skin, circulating throughout the body via the blood vessels.