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"Beauty" and "Health"
Welling Up from Within:
A Value-Packed, Age-Defying Care,
Demonstrated and Meticulously
Selected, for You

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Advanced Medical Care
for Anti-Aging

"CLINIC 9ru" is here to bring out your maximum beauty, regardless
of age.

We offer cosmetic medical treatments for the surface, as well as an
approach to optimal care for radiance from within.

Beauty is not related to age. With anti-aging medical treatments,
we bring out your beauty.

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Advanced Medical Care
for Aesthetic Dermatology

"CLINIC 9ru" is an exclusive members-only clinic that consolidates
the knowledge of the world's most advanced anti-aging and
regenerative medicine.

Our concept is to "treat aging and care for the future," and we offer
the latest anti-aging medicine and top-quality aesthetic medicine.

We combine cosmetic surgery and dermatology to provide total
support for your beauty.

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To prevent pathological aging

Three suggestions from 9ru to deliver to our customers


The pursuit of anti-aging and aesthetic internal medicine, and the pursuit of skin care treatments in cosmetic dermatology.



We value a sense of security and relaxation, and provide a private space for our members, with complete reservation-only access.



The joy of visiting and a special space, located within the five-star Peninsula Tokyo.


Designated medical care for Type 2 and Type 3
regenerative medicine under the Regenerative Medicine Law,
including fibroblast, NK cell, PRP, and others.

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Exosome replacement therapy

We propose anti-aging care from cellular level, tailored to patient
concerns from overall rejuvenation to alleviating back pain
through counseling.

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Autologous NK Cell
Cultivation Therapy

NK (Natural Killer) cells, which are expected to be effective in cancer treatment, can attack abnormal cells such as cancer cells and infectious pathogens. Recent studies have reported that cell therapy using NK cells is effective in cancer treatment.

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Blood purification therapy (DFPP)

DFPP is a therapy that uses a special filtration device to cleanse blood and return it to the body. It is expected to be effective not only in improving the patient's physical condition, but also in preventing blood-related diseases and pathological aging.

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NMN inhalation

CLINIC 9ru has pioneered the world's first therapy that enables the body to absorb NMN by inhaling it through the nose. This allows for quick and direct delivery of NMN to the brain.

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Aging Code 1/4


Roll back your biological age

and appearance by a quarter

Personal Medical Proglam


The deterioration of appearance, persistent fatigue,
and decline in physical and cognitive ability are
symptoms of the disease called "aging".

Code1/4" is a medical program that aims to slow down
the progress of aging using the latest preventive
medicine when you start to feel the effects of aging.




Aging factor analysis

Identifying lifestyle and dietary habits that produce pathological aging factors.


Aging risk anaysis

Performing a genetic test via blood analysis to analyze disease risks and tendencies towards pathological aging.

Aging Check Up
  • Presidential medical checkup
    (CT, MRI, upper and lower endoscopy, echocardiogram for heart, neck and abdominal region, physiological function test, etc.)
  • Cancer microRNA test
  • DWIBS test(whole-body cancer MRI test)
  • Hippocampal volume diagnosis(early diagnosis for dementia)
  • Immediate and delayed allergy test
  • Gut flora test
  • Genetic test
  • Immune system test
  • High-performance aging skin diagnosis

Aging risk anaysis

Performing a genetic test via blood analysis to analyze disease risks and tendencies towards pathological aging.

  • Double filtration plasmapheresis therapy
  • Autologous NK cell activation culture supplementation therapy
  • Cell activation intravenous drip therapy
  • High concentration hydrogen therapy (inhalation/topical), etc.

Cells activation therapy

Supplying ligands that improve cellular metabolic activity
and promote autophagy-mediated metabolism.

  • Human-derived stem cell exosome therapy
  • NMN intravenous/inhalation therapy
  • Cell activation intravenous therapy, etc

lmmunoactive therapy

Introducing factors that activate the immune system,selectively cultivating
and administering immune cells themselves to enhance their activity.

  • Macrophage activation therapy
  • Autologous NK cell activation therapy
  • Autologous T cell activation therapy
  • IgA induction therapy
  • Immunostimulant oral therapy

High resolution skin cells care

Realize a skincare that is compatible with high-definition,
high-resolution digital devices.

  • iPS cell cultivation exosome local injection therapy
  • Human-derived stem cell exosome therapy
  • Exosome local injection therapy
  • Fibroblast activation therapy
  • Electroporation
  • Near-infrared therapy
  • Pico laser & light therapy
  • Cell activation drip therapy
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Please click here
for inquiries about Aging Code.

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about about

Exclusive advanced beauty medical clinic for members only.

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9ru Self-Care Series

Alliance Partner



In the era of living to 100 years old, the greatest anxiety is "aging and illness".
If we can control "aging and diseases" such as cancer, a new future and life awaits us.
We provide medical care that goes beyond early detection and
treatment, to not be defeated by aging and illness.

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At Clinic La Prairie, we believe that a strong mind and a healthy body can lead to a more fulfilling health span (life). We strive to address physical and emotional anxieties through sustainable methods, and to prevent future health issues. Our physicians, who possess specialized knowledge in innovative medicine and have received international training, are dedicated to providing treatments that meet the trust and expectations of our patients.

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Director Dr.Norimasa Tsukada


Has been involved in the medical field for many years, and he has noticed a change in the thinking
of both doctors and patients.

In the past, people who visited hospitals were essentially "patients" and doctors were primarily
focused on whether they could cure them or not. However, Dr. Tsukada believes that it is now more
important to consider how we can improve the quality of life for people as human beings. To
achieve this, he believes that we cannot ignore the role of regenerative medicine, which prevents
diseases from occurring in the first place, and aesthetic medicine, which helps to restore mental and
emotional wellbeing.

Rather than relying solely on past evidence and case reports, Dr. Tsukada and his team strive to
propose solutions that will help their clients achieve a better future by empathizing with them and
providing personalized care. The clinic "9ru" is dedicated to supporting their clients in everything
from disease treatment to anti-aging medicine and skin concerns.

If you want to live a fulfilling life, consider taking your healthcare to the next level with their
cutting-edge medical services.



Dr. Takahiro Oguchi


He is a leading acupuncturist in Japan, who has developed a unique approach to therapy based on his proprietary "Oguchi-style method" and
"Oguchi-style beauty bodywork," which combines acupuncture and chiropractic techniques. He is known for his high level of technical skill,
which has earned him the nickname "God Hand," and is capable of quickly improving not only cosmetic body shape, but also difficult-to-treat
conditions such as neck and back pain.

His services are sought after by a wide range of clients, including top executives at publicly traded companies, famous celebrities, top models,
and professional athletes such as soccer and basketball players, all of whom have benefited from his treatments. He is also in high demand
internationally, with a client list that includes wealthy individuals and royalty from countries such as France, Germany, Singapore, Dubai,
Taiwan, and Hawaii.

He generously shares his unique technical expertise with other therapists, spa owners, and estheticians around the world, having trained over
3,000 people both domestically and internationally as of 2020. In addition to his work as an acupuncturist, he also serves as a business
consultant for well-known spas and salons.

Acupuncturist (National Certification)
Judo Therapist (National Certification)
Completed Human Anatomy Dissection Course at the University of Hawaii School of Medicine
Australian National Certification: Diploma of Remedial Massage
International Therapist
Instructor for Beauty Pageants (Miss Universe, Miss Earth)

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