Dr. Takahiro Oguchi





At Clinic 9ru, there is a treatment menu that includes treatments not found in other clinics. One such treatment involves injecting cultured stem cell supernatant after acupuncture treatment to the back of the head or behind the ear. This combination increases the effectiveness of the treatment beyond the normal level. Acupuncture intentionally damages tissue to promote repair and enhance immune function, so by combining it with injection therapy of cultured stem cell supernatant, blood flow to the head is improved. Injecting the stem cell supernatant after improving blood flow increases its effectiveness. It is said to be effective in treating depression and diabetes.

In Oriental medicine, the treatment of diabetes focuses mainly on the kidneys rather than the pancreas. When there is an excess of sugar in the body, it can burden the kidneys. Additionally, the kidneys have many small blood vessels, which can cause harmful blood stasis to accumulate around them and potentially lead to negative symptoms. By improving blood flow and using the technique of deliberately causing controlled damage to promote repair, treatment with infusion of stem cell-cultured supernatant can increase effectiveness.

Depression is thought to occur when the balance of electrical signals in the brain becomes disrupted. Acupuncture treatment can help to establish a pathway route to restore the flow of electrical signals in the upper body, starting from the neck.

By establishing a pathway, the brain can connect with the signals and become more conscious of the need to heal.

The stem cell culture supernatant itself is a neurotransmitter, and by following the pathway and binding to receptors, its effectiveness is enhanced.
Furthermore, acupuncture treatment is also effective for canine hernias. Therefore, it is believed that stem cell culture supernatant therapy can also be effective for canine hernias. The pathways in dogs are similar to those in humans.


Takahiro Oguchi

Acupuncturist (National Certification)

Judo Therapist (National Certification)

Completed Human Anatomy Dissection Course
at the University of Hawaii School of Medicine

Australian National Certification: Diploma of Remedial Massage

International Therapist

Instructor for Beauty Pageants (Miss Universe, Miss Earth)


Born in 1990 in Tokyo, Japan.

Graduated from Teikyo Heisei University with a degree in acupuncture and moxibustion.
Completed human anatomy dissection training at the University of Hawaii School of Medicine.

Started learning acupuncture and chiropractic techniques under the guidance of his brother-in-law, an orthopedic surgeon, at the age of 10. Later, he learned trigger point and meridian therapy-based acupuncture and circuit techniques under his older brother's guidance upon entering high school.

He actively provides treatment during his overseas trips and visits various countries such as France, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, China, South Korea, Guam, and Hawaii every month. He provides treatments for wealthy individuals and royalty in each country.

He also provides treatment for athletes such as the Japanese national team for the Soccer World Cup and WBC Samurai Japan.