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This treatment is recommended for the following individuals.
  • For those who are concerned about clogged pores
  • For those who want to tighten their skin
  • For those who want to remove free radicals from their entire body
  • For those who want to see quick results in their beauty treatments
"Hydrogun Shot" to awaken "ghost blood vessels"

Hydrogen is injected without using a needle, by a micro-jet beam of hydrogen emitted from a special needle-free hand doser. The hydrogen is delivered to a depth of 3-4 millimeters under the skin.

The treatment can help to release tension in the fascia, improving conditions such as pale complexion, stiff shoulders, and muscle contractions.

"Hydrogun Shot" is a unique treatment developed by CLINIC 9ru to concentrate and enhance the antioxidative effects of hydrogen, and to activate the circulation of locally ghosted capillaries and lymph vessels.

Combining "Hydrogun Shot" with other treatments can enhance the effects

Recommended combination treatments include:

・Accuderm (with stem cells)
・Intravenous drip
・Serum injection
・Laser toning
・Massage peeling

In particular, the serum from cultured stem cells is an anti-aging care treatment that aims to activate and antioxidize the entire body by circulating it after receiving a Hydrogun Shot.

Benefits of "Hydrogun Shot" may include:
  • Repair, antioxidation, and activation of capillaries
  • Relaxation of facial muscle stiffness
  • Relief of shoulder and neck stiffness
  • Improvement of insomnia and fatigue
Frequenlty asked questions
  • I'm concerned about side effects.
  • Some people may feel sleepy, have increased urine output or sweat more. Additionally, if you have experienced symptoms such as strong fatigue or headache after receiving hydrogen therapy, or if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or have dermatitis, please consult with a doctor as there may be a possibility that you cannot undergo the treatment.
  • Is there any downtime?
  • There are no special instructions. You can apply makeup starting from the day of the treatment.
Flow of Treatment
  • step 1
    STEP 1
    We will massage the affected area
    (neck and shoulders, lower back, or knees).
    We will apply nanoPDS body maintenance (massage cream) and massage the affected area.
  • step 1
    STEP 2
    We will perform a hydrogun shot treatment.
    We will focus on areas of concern such as "right shoulder discomfort" and "left neck discomfort" and provide targeted treatment.