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This treatment is recommended for the following individuals.
  • For those who want to remove cells that cause aging
  • For those interested in preventing cancer and infectious diseases
  • For those who want to strengthen their cells and become healthy
What is the "NK cell", which is called the strongest immune cell?

NK cell therapy performed at CLINIC 9ru is a treatment that quickly detects and attacks cells infected with viruses or cancer cells.

NK cells (Natural Killer cells) are massively proliferated and activated outside the body before being returned to the body, which can lead to high treatment efficacy.

Patients at various stages of cancer recurrence and metastasis are being treated. The NK cells themselves are cultured from the patient's own blood, making it gentle and safe for the body.

The beauty benefits of "NK cell therapy"

It is well known that NK cell therapy can build a body that is less likely to become ill.

In terms of beauty benefits, this therapy improves blood circulation, activates skin cell function, and can lead to improved metabolism and normalization of turnover.

Therefore, it is believed to be effective for improving skin quality, achieving beautiful skin, and anti-aging care.

Efficacy of "NK Cell Therapy"
  • Cancer treatment and recurrence prevention
  • Whole-body cellular aging care
  • Skin-beautifying and skin texture improvement
Frequenlty asked questions
  • I am worried about side effects.
  • Since your own cells are used, the safety of the treatment is high, but occasionally, fever may occur after the administration.
  • I heard that this therapy is often used for cancer treatment, but is it really good for beauty purposes as well?
  • NK cells (Natural Killer cells) are primitive cells that have the characteristic of attacking anything they recognize as foreign, including cancer cells. At CLINIC 9ru, we recommend NM cell therapy for those who want to perform anti-aging treatments from the perspective of attacking cells that cause aging.
  • Just because it is also used in cancer treatment, does that mean insurance is applicable?
  • NK therapy (immunotherapy) is not yet covered by insurance, so it is not eligible for public insurance and will be treated as out-of-pocket medical expenses.
  • Is it possible to receive it along with other treatments?
  • Yes, it is possible to receive treatment at CLINIC 9ru.
    If you are receiving treatment at another clinic, please confirm with your attending physician.
Flow of Treatment
  • step 1
    STEP 1
    First visit: Counseling, infectious disease blood sampling (8ml blood sampling)
    Since special handling is required for blood sampling for cultivation, it cannot be performed during the first visit as a preparation. The first visit will consist of counseling and sampling of 8ml blood for infectious disease testing.
  • step 2
    STEP 2
    Second Visit: Collection of Blood for Culturing (50ml)
    During your second visit, we will collect 50ml of blood for culturing purposes. This blood will be cultured and used for your next treatment.
  • step 3
    STEP 3
    Third treatment: NK cell infusion
    It takes about 30-60 minutes.
    Please note that the treatment is not available for individuals with "HIV" or "HTLV (human T-cell leukemia virus)".