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This treatment is recommended for the following individuals.
  • For those who are concerned about recent forgetfulness
  • Those who feel tiredness in their brain
  • Those with diabetes or high blood lipid levels, or those who want to prevent them
  • Those who are interested in "NMN"
What is "NMN," an effective ingredient that can help slow aging?

NMN (Nicotinamide Mononucleotide) is a substance that naturally exists in the human body and is said to have an effect on the activation of the central nervous system (i.e., rejuvenation) and the slowing down of aging when taken. NMN is converted to "NAD+" which is necessary for maintaining our body's functions.
It is known that NAD+ decreases in various organs with aging, and the ability to produce NMN in the body also decreases.
Therefore, there is increasing attention on the development of supplements and treatments to supplement NMN from external sources into the body.

Efficient Ways to Take NMN

To supplement NMN from the outside, there are mainly three methods: "eating vegetables such as green and yellow vegetables," "taking supplements," and "inhalation therapy."

The advantage of eating or taking supplements is that they are easy to start, but the disadvantage is that they may contain a small amount of NMN or not continue as a habit.

On the other hand, the inhalation therapy provided by 9ru contains a large amount of NMN and can be delivered directly to the hypothalamus in the brain through the nose. Many people have reported feeling the effects quickly.

Benefits of "NMN Inhalation Therapy"

As mentioned earlier, inhalation therapy involves inhaling directly through the nose. When NMN is ingested orally, there is a delay as it is absorbed in the small intestine and metabolized in the liver before entering the bloodstream.

Therefore, we devised "inhalation therapy" as a way to quickly and directly deliver the active ingredient to the hypothalamus. By converting NMN into a mist and inhaling it, we believe that it can be delivered quickly and directly.

We have also blended the unique scent of NMN with flavors such as lemon and milk tea to make it more pleasant to inhale.

Efficacy of "NMN inhalation"
  • Clearing the mind/brain
  • Relief from eye fatigue
  • Delay of aging effects
  • Improvement in muscle strength
Frequenlty asked questions
  • How often do you recommend receiving it?
  • We recommend doing it about once every two weeks.
    Additionally, we also recommend taking it in conjunction with supplements.
  • What kind of effects can you actually expect?
  • The overall image is to boost cells, so the effectiveness may differ depending on the individual. However, many people have reported feeling refreshed in their head and no longer experiencing eye strain. There have also been reports of improvements in white hair and hair growth.
  • What age range of people receive the treatment?
  • We recommend starting around the age of 45. Starting earlier is not a problem, but you may not feel the effects as much.
  • Why is NMN so expensive?
  • The raw material of NMN itself is very expensive and an unstable ingredient, which inevitably raises the price. However, there are also low-quality products such as supplements that use inactive NMN. At CLINIC 9ru, we provide high-quality NMN to our customers, so please rest assured.
Flow of Treatment
  • step 1
    STEP 1
    You will sit on a chair and wear a inhalation mask.
    We provide a completely private room so that you can relax and enjoy your time.
    Other treatments such as intravenous drip can also be received simultaneously.
  • step 1
    STEP 2
    We will have you inhale NMN.
    While you rest, you will inhale for about 20 to 40 minutes.
    There is a possibility that your face may get slightly wet, but we have prepared a dressing table in the room, so please take your time and prepare for your outing.